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Welcome to A Shift Happens Coaching: seeding your new future one shift at a time.

Are you STUCK in some area of your life?

Are you frustrated knowing that something needs to change but you have no idea where to start?

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My Coaching creates SHIFT so you can finally move forward.

Whether it's a quick coaching session or a full coaching plan, I will support you in SHIFTing your perspectives to create an empowering plan of action. Give yourself the gift of freedom to choose what you love.


Who better to walk through major SHIFTS with you than someone who's been there?

I'm Kathy Zehringer and I've walked through some major SHIFTS in my life: I left a corporate VP role in the midst of complete burnout and created an empowering post-corporate life. I faced severe financial impact in 2008 only to emerge more abundant and inspired.

Life brings us challenges to learn from, and I will be there guiding you as you seize opportunities to grow, learn, and thrive. 


"I allowed people in my workplace to define my worth. After a meeting with Kathy, I realigned my perspective to value myself again. Ultimately, I left my workplace and am now making more and doing the work I love!"


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"I felt trapped at a job that left me feeling hopeless. Kathy listened deeply to help me gain reassurance and confidence to press forward through roadblocks."

M. C.

I was challenged launching my new business with beliefs and thoughts that continually held me back.  Kathy supported me in acting from my vision for the business & then making choices & taking actions that would propel me forward to success!


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"I felt stuck in a high-level CFO position & was ready to move on but I didn’t know how.  Kathy guided me in acting on my vision of freedom & flexibility & I started to look at my life differently.  I was able to leave my job in a win-win fashion & I continue to use the toolsets Kathy introduced me to as I live a life I truly enjoy."


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Coaching Plans

Shift Into Action Call


An intensive 20-30 minute call for you to talk through a current matter/ roadblock you’re encountering. Be deeply listened to about the end result you want to achieve and powerfully questioned to create an action with email follow-up accountability.

Breakthrough Shift Session


A full hour and a half coaching session with an educational component to create a shift in perspective through deep listening about the end result you want to achieve. Experience powerful questioning to create new insights, practices, and receive an action plan with email follow-up and accompanying notes and accountability.

In the Shift


A 3-session experience of the power of coaching to develop a vision for a key area of your life. Discover what gets in the way of your vision, and then take action to start practicing powerful SHIFT in your life!

Deep Shift!


A 10-session coaching package over 6 to 9 months tailored to your specific needs and shift required in your life. This package will also include 2-4 additional bonuses to support your breakthrough.