My name is Kathy Zehringer.  I’ve had many positive life SHIFTs over the last 20 years of my life that have led me to a life I love.   I’ve learned so much & gained so many great toolsets, that I want to come alongside you to guide you to empowering, uplifting SHIFTs.

Let me tell you my story:

I was very driven for most of the first half century of my life.  I was all about getting “there” – wherever “there” was at the moment: from graduating from high school and college at the top of my class, earning a Master’s degree in Business while working full-time, marrying a wonderful man, having two beautiful kids, earning a six-figure income, being named the first female vice president of my company… you get the picture. I thought when I got THERE, I’d be happy, peaceful, and fulfilled. I kept thinking that the answers were outside of me – with what I did, who I knew, what I had – and if I achieved or attained the next thing, maybe then I’d really “get” life and feel peace within.  But, getting “there” – whatever that was - was never enough. 

I felt like I was on an eternal hamster wheel of trying to feel fulfilled from the outside in with accomplishments and things.  I was second in command running a $50M division & I felt powerless, exhausted & overwhelmed! 

Thankfully, I started to make some small SHIFTS in my perspectives & my life began to change dramatically for the better:


Shift 1

I started gratitude journaling & noticing what I loved in people versus what I wanted to change… & my day became lighter.

A Shift Happens Sunflower - Red@0.5x.png

Shift 2

I realized that I was responsible for my own happiness & took my husband & everyone else off the hook for trying to make me happy… & I began to remember what I loved in the process & held myself accountable for doing it!

A Shift Happens Sunflower - Orange@0.5x.png

Shift 3

I was offered a promotion to General Manager of my division, & as I realized that I was always saying my family was more important but I was at the office at 8 o’ clock almost every night, I said “NO”…. & I started saying “YES” to what I valued in my actions & in my words.

A Shift Happens Sunflower - Golden Yellow@0.5x.png

Shift 4

I was telling myself that I couldn’t afford to leave a healthy, six-figure income when my husband said, “This family can’t afford for you to stay.” & that was absolutely true!  I successfully left the corporate world on my terms & our family was able to thrive in so many more ways than simply financially!


The thing about positive, empowering shifts, is that once you start to step into them, you build an internal momentum that propels you forward in ways you cannot imagine!

My husband & I continually use the power of SHIFT to create fun, empowering changes as we encounter new challenges in our lives in everything from our relationship to our family & friends, our investments, our community, & so much more! 

I love bringing the toolsets, insights, & thought processes that have freed me to live a life I love to the lives of my clients!  I bring over 10 years of professional coaching experience, along with my many life lessons in the corporate, real estate, & entrepreneurial worlds, to every one of my coaching relationships. 

So, as Rob Bell says in his book “Be Here”:

If you feel stuck in your life,
Like it’s passing you by,
Like there’s something way better for you
somewhere out there & you’re missing it,
Try this:
Try throwing yourself into small things
And repeating to yourself:
This is where I start!”

Come start with me – one SHIFT at a time - to create the life you’re dreaming of!