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Coaching Plans

Shift Into Action Call


An intensive 20-30 minute call for you to talk through a current matter/ roadblock you’re encountering. Be deeply listened to about the end result you want to achieve and powerfully questioned to create an action with email follow-up accountability.

Breakthrough Shift Session


A full hour and a half coaching session with an educational component to create a shift in perspective through deep listening about the end result you want to achieve. Experience powerful questioning to create new insights, practices, and receive an action plan with email follow-up and accompanying notes and accountability.

In the Shift


A 3-session experience of the power of coaching to develop a vision for a key area of your life. Discover what gets in the way of your vision, and then take action to start practicing powerful SHIFT in your life!

Deep Shift!


A 10-session coaching package over 6 to 9 months tailored to your specific needs and shift required in your life. This package will also include 2-4 additional bonuses to support your breakthrough.